The Full-Featured MIME Toolkit for C++

You want your product to succeed. So why take a chance on unproven components? Hunny MIME++ has proven itself over and over since 1997. Used by one of the world's top three Internet email providers, plus hundreds of other household names in the software industry, Hunny MIME++ code handles billions of messages every hour of every day.

There's a reason why Hunny MIME++ has been so successful. Try it for yourself and find out why customers love our software.

Use Hunny MIME++ alone, or combine it with Hunny Mail++ to send and receive email with SMTP, POP3, or IMAP4.

MIME++ Features at a Glance

Complete MIME Implementation
All content types. Complex MIME multipart messages. HTML email. Base64, quoted-printable, MacMIME, uuencode, BinHex 4.0 encodings. Full internationalization.
Thoroughly tested by our engineers. Proven through years of mission-critical deployments by our customers.
Standards Compliant
Conforms to RFCs. Tested for interoperability.
  Thorough Documentation
Tutorial. How-To Guide. Completereference manual.
Easy To Use
Intuitive API. Convenience functions. High-level abstractions.
  Helpful Examples
MIME email, HTML email, file attachments, and more.
Allows parsing, creating, or modifying MIME messages at the lowest level possible.
  Source Code Available
Well-documented and readable source code available.
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, Windows CE. Portable C++ language features. Enterprise servers. Embedded systems. Small devices.
  Support Contracts
AvailableReasonable rates by email experts.
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